Three Sound Sculptures


“A digital sound and visual performance collaboration between a UK audio-visual artist (Will Young, last seen here collaborating with Petwo Evans) and French sound artist (Damien Schneider) resulting in an immersive and mesmerising sound sculpture experience.

These two established artists will use synthetic sound from environmental recordings to create a large immersive audio landscape live on stage. ‘Three Sound Sculptures’ splices together digital medium manipulation with film and foley recordings to create a unique audio/visual performance.”


Three Sound Sculptures is a challenging immersion into a state of anxiety and an attempt to find resolution and respite beyond.


Temporal confusion and deviation was important to this work thematically and a specialist workflow was devised to allow live temporal manipulation in a way that is not typically available in the realm of video work. The footage for the show was preprocessed in several passes to obtain metadata such as inter frame motion vectors, assets that are not possible to derive in realtime. These assets were bundled with the colour video frames and could be recalled using custom built playback software, facilitating such processes as live optical flow frame blending – in effect, infinite temporal resolution, driven by live performer input.

Another novel tool built on top of this technology is a video player utilising an approach akin to ‘granular synthesis’ as used in digital sound design, where a multitude of video ‘grains’ can be played simultaneously, each existing independently in this free temporal space.




Tags: Performance, Projection